Live Tech Demos and Talks at the Nature Robots DemoDay

Our Nature Robots Demo Day was truly a success, and we thank everyone who attended and supported us on our special day.

Throughout the day, attendees had the opportunity to experience various live demos of our monitoring agricultural robot, Lero. They could watch the robot Lero autonomously navigate from its base station, and traverse beds selected via the web interface to create 3D plant maps of them before autonomously returning to the base station and docking into the charging station, with the gate automatically closing behind it.

Furthermore, our team delivered insightful Deep Tech talks, shedding light onto our technologies in AI and robotics and how they are revolutionizing agricultural practices in a sustainable way and are already being used on existing farm machinery.

This event was an important milestone in our pursuit of a more sustainable and regenerative agriculture and we are more motivated than ever to work towards this goal! Once again, we extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the Demo Day. Your support and enthusiasm made this event unforgettable!