PDF - Full-time Robot Software Engineer Position

Full-time Robot Software Engineer Position

Nature Robots is a young robotics and AI startup with the goal of supporting regenerative and sustainable agriculture and build a full farming system. Challenges such as global climate change, globally increasing populations, lock of labor, and increasing local trade for organic food require resilient and local bio-intensive farming systems.

In short term perspective, Nature Robots is developing new technological solutions for humans and nature in agriculture, such as long-term autonomous agricultural robots that use outdoor navigation to navigate uneven and semi-structured terrain while recording high temporal and spatial resolution 3D maps of plants to provide recommended actions for the gardener and farmers.

Your task is the development of a navigation system for an autonomous agricultural robot or machine: Within the scope of a cooperation, a 2D navigation system for an existing autonomous robot is to be further developed. Nature Robots has co-developed the ROS navigation framework Move Base Flex. This runs on dozens of robots in production in large warehouses and acts as a middle layer for navigation control. It controls low-level planners and controllers that move the robot from A to B in an environment with static and dynamic obstacles and objects to complete tasks. It also provides a standardized interface to high-level robot systems and planners that unify and control all the robot’s subcomponents in a regulated manner. Building on Move Base Flex, the navigation strategies and navigation controllers need to be developed.


Your tasks:

  • Further development integration of a robot navigation system to autonomous agricultural robots using ROS, Move Base Flex (MBF) and Behavior Trees (BTs).
  • Further development of row following and head land controllers for various environments as MBF controllers and integration in the corresponding BT.
  • Implementation, integration, testing and documentation of the developed strategies into the existing solutions.

Our requirements:

  • Completed Master’s degree in Robotics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science or a related field of study.
  • Good language skills in English and German
  • Excellent Knowledge in sensor data processing and mobile robotics.
  • Excellent knowledge of Python, C++ and ROS


  • Practical experience in robot navigation, move base, or Move Base Flex.
  • Experience with ROS2 and gRPC, ProtoBuf, FlatBuffers, HDF5

What you can expect:

  • The opportunity to work on interdisciplinary research projects at the intersection of AI and robotics.
  • Excellent contacts with the scientific and business communities.
  • An innovative, agile, and professional work environment in an AI and robotics startup.

The employer is the start-up Nature Robots GmbH and the work takes place at the locations Osnabrück (CIC) and Arenshorst, Bohmte (AI Market Garden), See impressions below:


People with disabilities and applicants of equal status will be given preferential consideration if they are equally qualified.


Dr. Sebastian Pütz
+49 541 386050 2262